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Our culture often treats relationships with animals differently than it does relationships with humans. Actually, people sometimes feel more joy with the unconditional love of an animal friend, and more pain and grief over their loss, than they do with their human counterpart. My own experience of death of a parent and of my dog within a month of each other, and community responses around those two deaths, brought this insight home—and set me on the path of Animal Chaplaincy.

Animals are complex beings with feelings, thoughts, needs, desires, and unique personalities. Animals have reasons for their presence in our lives, as well as their own purpose in life. Our animals teach, heal and help in many ways. They communicate with us all the time, but often we don’t understand. It’s up to us to figure out the message.

Through intuitive animal communication, I can help you understand what your animal friend is trying to tell you. Learning what they have to say can lead to a deeper, more fulfilling relationship. If your animal friend is stressed, sick or injured, or is near the end of life, animal Reiki offers a holistic support system to help reduce stress and bring balance. When it is time to grieve the loss of a loved animal friend, I am available to help you honor your feelings and move toward healing.

Life’s journey takes each of us through many relationships and transitions, with animals, work, family, spirituality, and our inner selves. Each of these passages is a process. As an Interfaith Minister, I provide a compassionate grounded presence to help people and animals navigate the bumps in life’s path, using intuitive deep listening, meditation practice, animal Reiki, grief counseling, and listening for messages from nature.

Please explore this site and contact me to learn more or to schedule a consultation.

Every prominent world faith speaks of our special relationship with animals

and our responsibilities for their stewardship.

Hand in Paw was a Finalist in the Animals category of National Indie Excellence Awards competition 2015.

Hand in Paw was a Finalist in the Animals category of National Indie Excellence Awards competition 2015.

Explore with me the winding path to reinvention of self, and discover the intriguing world of communicating with animals. Please see following Book Store page for book description and order information for Hand in Paw and my other books, Animals on Reiki and Leaves in My Hair.


St. Francis Blogtalk Radio Show News:

The link to my Winter Solstice 2014 guest appearance on St. Francis of Assisi Blogtalk Radio, with Rev. Bonnie Poirier, is active. Please see the Bog page to listen to this exciting discussion of animal communication, interfaith, the network of all life, and my book, Hand in Paw.

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