Tribute To My Boots

They climbed the stone steps and terraces of Machu Picchu and Sacsawayman, and balanced on the unsteady floating islands of Peru’s Lake Titicaca. They hiked to a quartzite mine in the South Dakota badlands, scuffing garnet-encrusted rocks strewn on the trail. They trod grasses between the standing stones of Stonehenge and Avebury, […]

Chosen by an Animal

Swirls of energy bring animals and people together. It can be over long periods or brief nudges. The animals know why this happens. Sometimes the people come to understand, as well. People have what Caroline Myss calls ‘contracts’ for spiritual growth during our lifetime. Animals also have such agreements. We come together […]

Resolutions and other Re-words

January and New Year’s resolutions go together. The game is to see how long the resolutions last. Why do we break them? Why set them in the first place? Does tradition demand that we bloody our foreheads against the same brick wall, year after year? Albert Einstein defined insanity as “doing the […]

Winter Solstice Reflections

Stonehenge took my breath away – that first glimpse as our van crested a hill to reveal a surprisingly small circle of stones on the Salisbury Plain in southwestern England.  I could only say “Oh!” Words could not express the simplicity and mystery of this structure and the deep history it holds. Our group […]

Creatures of the Night – Owl

In the heart of Winter, which creature of the night wants to lend its wisdom to these words? Owl answers. I receive impressions:  Winter. Night gliding, soundless. Surprise attack, talons sharp, prey gives. Sustenance. Life continues in its cycle. I felt the wind slipping past my wings, saw images of trees and snow on the ground, a […]

Turkey’s Thoughts on Thanksgiving

What, I wondered, did Turkey think of Thanksgiving, and of being the traditional main dish at this ritual meal? To find an answer to such a question, ask the Turkey! And so I did. First, a bit of background Ben Franklin lobbied for Turkey to be America’s national bird, rather than the […]

Rituals of Thanksgiving – 10 Suggestions

Thanksgiving today is a holiday when the table is not the only thing that is laden. There also are family expectations, history, interactions, housecleaning and decorating, a day (or days) spent in food preparation, followed often by overeating. It can be stressful. It also can mean hours of trading stories over a […]

Tips for a Healthy Happy Halloween for your Pet

HomeAgain, the microchipping and pet recovery service, published safe Halloween tips for your pet in their October newsletter. The link is included here: I would add a #11 – Occasionally trick-or-treaters come to our door accompanied by their dog. I keep a few dog treats on hand to give to the dog’s person […]

Halloween and Day of the Dead

Halloween – the day of visiting spooks and goblins, comic book heroes and Disney characters, and an occasional pet dressed up in ruffles or a hotdog bun. Now, it is a time to dress up and collect bags of candy. Its roots, though, go very deep. Here is a glimpse into ancient […]

Visits from Animals in Dreams and Waking Life

Animals enter our dreams and waking life in many forms and for many reasons. How we see and receive them is a reflection of our individual process, our own hopes and fears. In dreams, animals may appear as they do in waking life, but they may also appear as • nightmarish demon […]

"Animals are such agreeable friends - they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms." - George Eliot
"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." - Gandhi
"There is little that separates humans from other sentient beings – we all feel pain, we all feel joy, we all deeply crave to be alive and live freely, and we all share this planet together." - attributed to Gandhi
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