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Leaves in My Hair: Insights and Poems along the Way

This collection of poems and photographs invites the reader on a deeply felt, sensitive and insightful journey of a soul’s growth through seasons of life. Notice a rosebush that blooms whether or not people notice, trees that join earth with sky, a lost little girl, glints of gold suspended in a lake, the call of distant stars — all part of the journey. The path of a soul’s growth, like a labyrinth, folds over itself and retraces familiar steps in an unfamiliar way. It’s a progression in reference point over time. We revisit earlier scenarios and see them from a different point of view.

Join the author in this journey as it winds outward, and also takes us within, to the core of our self. The seed place. This collection of insights, offered from that seed place, falls loosely into a cycle of seasons as well as cycles of growth. May these insights provide some light for the reader’s own journey.

Genie Lester, editor of Infinity Limited says: “Nancy Schluntz is a keen observer of two worlds, the physical and the metaphysical. In her poetry she shares with us her insight about the ways in which these worlds interact. Her work brings into consciousness unspoken understandings of the patterns of life and nature. This is a book for moments of quiet pleasure.”

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Animals on Reiki: Teachings on the Principles of Energy Healing

animals_on_reiki_cover_for_kindleAnimals are great teachers for us humans. Animal communicator and Reiki practitioner Nancy Schluntz wondered what animals have to say about the principles that guide Reiki. Teacher animals from Bee to Owl, from Field Mouse to Mountain Lion, from Dolphin to Llama, and many others, offer answers. Their wisdom will help you gain deeper understanding of anger, worry, humility, honesty, and compassion — and an appreciation for the perspectives of these animal teachers. Note: Proceeds from sales of Animals on Reiki are shared with the Shelter Animal Reiki Association to support their work with shelter animals.

“This book will change the way you see animals in the world and inspire you to share Reiki with all creatures!”
— Kathleen Prasad, author of Everything Animal Reiki: A Simple Guide for Meditating With Animals for Healing, and How to Help Animals With Reiki

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About the Author: Nancy Schluntz lived in South America for many years. As a foreigner, she learned to observe and listen, with many animal and human teachers. Years later, while serving as director of a nonprofit agency, a crossroads experience of deep grief led her in a new direction: She is an intuitive animal communicator, animal Reiki practitioner, and interfaith minister, with certificates in spiritual psychology and pet-loss bereavement counseling. She is grateful to have come full circle to focus on the richness of the living world and our place in it.

Nancy’s first book, Hand in Paw, was a finalist in the National Indie Excellence Awards competition. She also has written Animals on Reiki and contributed to several anthologies.


 Hand in Paw, a Journey of Trust and Discovery

Explore the winding path to reinvention of self, and discover the intriguing world of communicating with animals. Hand in Paw tells a story of death and rebirth as the author uncovers her buried sense of self, steps onto a new life path, and finds purpose in the world delivering wisdom from the animals. Throughout the wrenching transformation, as Nancy explored her well of deep grief, questioning and doubting every step of the journey, Tyson grew from feisty kitten to wise master teacher. He became her guide and critic throughout her profound spiritual growth, offering insightful one-liners, poetry, and philosophy on life and living. Join Nancy on this incredible adventure of inter-species communication as animals of the wild come forth with deep messages for all of humankind. Hand in Paw is a journey of discovery and trust in the wisdom of all beings.




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A portion of the proceeds from sales of this book will be donated to animal-welfare organizations. [Donations have been sent to the Petfinder Foundation, Best Friends Animal Sanctuary’s No More Homeless Pets program, and to nonprofits that sponsored book sales/readings, including The Chaplaincy Institute, Alameda County Library Foundation, and American Association of University Women.]

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Praise for Hand in Paw:

“This is quite an unusual narrative, a journey of self-discovery and metaphysics wrapped in a love story between a human and her cat, Tyson. It’s a risk-taking narrative as the author develops her inner voice and her inner communication with her pets and with other animals, alive and dead. The animals speak to her, dictate poems and essays to her, and each animal presents a different relationship in these interior dialogues. The tone is light despite the potential seriousness of the theme; the author’s subtle sense of humor is augmented by her occasional use of sentence fragments for effect and sense of presence. The use of journaling also allows the author to build a readable, generally clear timeline and to recreate past dialogues in true memoir style. The abundance of photos in the book is a big plus; they meet the expectations and needs of the reader to visualize the key cat, Tyson.” Judge, 23rd Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards.”

“Join Chaplain Nancy Schluntz in her compelling journey, facilitated by an exceptional cat named Tyson, into the intriguing world of animal communication.” Marta Williams, biologist and author of My Animal My Self, Learning Their Language, Beyond Words, and Ask Your Animal.

Hand in Paw invites us into the rich and amazing world of animal communication. An ordained Interfaith Chaplain, Nancy shares her powerful and touching journey from an intuitive longing to communicate with the non-human world to full realization of its rich chorus of voices. From her family of animals, to the world of birds, coyotes, dolphins, llamas, and animal spirit guides, to the oceans and the earth herself, Nancy shares the profound guidance and wisdom of our countless non-human companions, and what it means to love an animal, not as a pet, but as friend, family member and spirit guide. It came as no surprise to me that I have grown closer to my own aging friend Bugsy, our eight-year-old rescue dog, who teaches me how to live cheerfully with arthritis, blindness, and too many stairs.” John C. Robinson, Ph.D., D.Min. Author of Three Secrets of Aging, Bedtime Stories for Elders, and What Aging Men Want.

“I am touched by Nancy’s ability to paint beautiful pictures with words, of the world around her, and of her spiritual experience. Nancy depicts the connection that humans can have with animals on the physical plane and in the spirit realm. You will be blessed in the reading of the special relationship and deep connection between a cat his human.” Rev. Jim Larkin, Co-Director of Tree of Life Teachings and Faculty of the Chaplaincy Institute.

“Nancy’s courageous and heartfelt journey unveils masterful gifts of wisdom that animals and the universe hold and lovingly encourage us to discover. Their teachings bring new dimensions to our life purpose and demonstrate how we are all inter-connected.” Cheryl M. Ramos, D.V.M., Jikiden Reiki Practitioner and Owner, Pets Eternal Rest.


Hand in Paw was a Finalist in the Animals category of National Indie Excellence Awards competition 2015.

Hand in Paw was a Finalist in the Animals category of National Indie Excellence Awards competition 2015.

Reviews of Animals on Reiki:

"Pleasant, Honest, Enlightening
Nancy Schluntz never fails to bring honesty and vision to her work. This is not a training manual for Reiki, rather it is a work based on the animals being treated by Reiki, giving the reader an understanding of the value of the healing process. This is not a long book, and it didn't need to be. Schluntz uses a clean, easy going writing style that makes this a comfortable read. There's some very good information to be had. Schluntz has a gift for working and communicating with animals. This is not that annoying TV series where the hostess left viewers with the impression that animal communication is a hoax. Schluntz is honest, doesn't give answers just because they are what you want to hear, and her gift is quite genuine. She also works with animals in rescue situations, runs grieving groups, and provides insight into the lives of beings we otherwise dismiss as "dumb creatures." What she does, and conveys in this book, is honest and enlightening.
- T.E. MacArthur [reprinted from]

Reviews of Hand in Paw:

"Storyteller extraordinare!
Nancy reminds us that all life on the planet is worthy. Her journey takes her places both familiar and unknown. Her story is heart-warming, fun, and honest. How many of us want the answers RIGHT NOW and have the universe giggle back at us while teaching us patience and fulfillment? Nancy is a great story teller, telling her own story as a start. I can't wait for whatever she brings us next!"
- Karen Oliver [reprinted from]
"Nancy Schluntz clearly has a gift for communing with the animals! I laughed and cried as I read her touching story of learning to trust her spiritual path, allow the animals to be her guides, and develop confidence in her own exquisite talent. This book is a must read for anyone who longs for a deeper awareness of their purpose ... and, of course .... for all those who sense the innate wisdom of their own animal companions."
- Karen Baldwin [reprinted from]
"Nancy Schluntz tells the story of her journey, one we all can relate to: suffering the pains of growing up; finding family; balancing her spiritual and professional life; and increasing her openness to the beauty and power of our natural world. This author tells her history tenderly, with utter honesty. Nancy became transformed as she slowly began to hear the animals (wild and tame) around her waiting, often impatiently, to communicate with her. You'll laugh aloud at some charming stories of the animals who introduce (nay, sometimes drag) Nancy into her larger world. Their profound messages will help you look at your pets (and the rest of us) with different eyes. With this increased awareness, Nancy folds together her non-profit work career, her evolving family life, her love of nature, and her calling to a ministry of serving animal-human relationships. Watch her understand her challenges and make difficult choices; we've faced many of those life issues ourselves. You will find this wise, moving, and above all merciful story from an accomplished author deeply satisfying.Your words of wisdom and advice make the grieving process a little easier."
- Alison Lewis [reprinted from]
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