Is Your Pet Sending You a Message in Your Dream?

In the modern culture we have been exposed to cartoon animals behaving in a way that is completely uncharacteristic of their natural behavior:  the bear wearing a tutu, dancing on a tightrope while holding an umbrella, for example. We’ve heard the words of a spider conducting a marketing campaign from her web. We’ve grown accustomed to talking animals and opinionated trees.

In dreams, we expect the unusual – things often look and behave differently than they do in waking life, even though we still cling to a sense of structure and what is ‘normal.’  It’s when one element of a perfectly normal dream stands out as bizarre that our attention is grabbed. What happens when a waking life animal turns up in our dreams with behavior that is very uncharacteristic – especially if we know the animal well?

Talking Cats

A friend told me she had a dream in which she was walking along a path. At one point in the dream she saw her cat beside the road. It called out to her, ‘Hello.’ She thought she had misheard a noise he made (“since cats don’t talk”) and kept walking.

Farther down the path she came to a fork in the road. Beside the junction was her cat – standing on his hind legs and leaning against a signpost. The cat greeted her again, ‘Hello,’ calling her by name. She was so surprised, certain she had heard him speak, that she answered him, saying, ‘Cats don’t talk.’ The cat replied, ‘Got your attention, though, didn’t I?’

My friend admitted that he had, and went on to listen to his message about a decision she was contemplating. It was the uncharacteristic appearance and manner of her own cat that made it clear to her she was making a decision that would set her life course for years to come.

Deceased Pets Reappearing

A dream visit to a client from her deceased dog let her know that another dog would soon enter her life, with his blessing. In her dream, her dog appeared happy, healthy, in the prime of life, and radiant. He ran up her driveway, accompanied by a small dog. Sure enough, shortly after that dream, she saw the small dog from her dream in a local shelter and adopted it.

My own cat, Tyson, a wise and dignified master teacher, has visited many of my dreams and meditations. One time, when I was trying to stay afloat during a period of significant transition, he showed a surprising side of himself. My elder statesman appeared wearing a Mexican sombrero with little red fluffy balls hanging from its brim – and doing the Hokey-Pokey!

In my dream I burst out laughing at this apparition. ‘Tyson, is that you?’ I asked. ‘Nothing is only as it seems,’ he replied. ‘Pay attention, much is happening. Quit holding on so tight, flow with it. Lighten up!’ And with that he danced off. I realized I was being very rigid and stressed with all the changes that were going on. I woke feeling relieved, and I swear he smiled at me the next morning!

Animals as Messengers

Dream messages, and the guides who bring them, have a way of making themselves known to us, such as by surprise, a bell ringing, or other such signal. Our dream source will figure out a way to get our attention.

Our companion animals are in our lives to provide support on many levels. Yours may bring you a message that you’re missing – or that needs to be reinforced – by paying a visit to your dream in a way that’s sure to get your attention. (We can visit theirs, too, but that’s another article.) The key is to recognize that this is a message from a guide who has gone to great lengths to make sure you get it.

Question: Have you had a dream visit from a companion animal?

Please note: Thanks for the many comments below. Sharing our experiences helps others through their own. I reply to comments in the order received (except when time is of the essence) and as time permits. It can take a couple of weeks or more for me to respond. If you would like a more timely response, please do contact me for an animal communication or grief consultation. For clarity, I have edited the post date so that my response appears with the comment it refers to. Thanks for understanding.

Article published by The Dream Tribe (July 2010):

Nancy is an animal intuitive and interfaith minister who specializes in helping people understand and communicate with their animal companions.

81 Responses to “Is Your Pet Sending You a Message in Your Dream?”

  • Hello Katie,
    I’m very sorry about your kitten. I often wonder, when a sick animal has a period of recovery and apparently good or better health before they pass away, if they gathered their strength to enjoy a life they know is ending.
    If this were my dream, I would indeed feel she was showing me that she is okay now, and full of joy. Very sweet, and also shows that you developed a bond during your time together.
    Thank you for giving her a loving home for her brief life.

  • Cody:

    My pet cat isn’t deceased but I had a visit from her weeks ago. Usually having me bedroom door shut as she always makes a fuss and keeps me awake trying to get on top of my wardrobe or attack the blinds at my window. Once I dreamt she was climbing on top of me while I was in bed. It felt so real so I wasn’t sure if my door was shut or not but the next morning I checked and still was. And then yesterday she slept on my bed (she was sick from eating skinks again that day, she needs to stop doing that), and then made a fuss during the night, so I closed the door behind her. So that night I dreamt she walked on my bed and slept near my feet. Again, thinking it was real, I knew I shut the door but thought maybe it was open, but it was closed. I told Mum about this, (I live with her) and she said our cat never sleeps near the feet.

  • Hello Cody,
    You have a very energetic cat, and one that seeks your attention. Our animals’ spirits can reach us in dream time whether they’re alive or have passed on, often because our minds are more relaxed and receptive then.
    If these were my dreams, a couple of things came to me. One is that my cat wants to be close to me, to make her presence known, and doors are no obstacle in dream time. In dreams we can feel their presence as weight or even warmth. From a message standpoint, the essence of cats is creativity and relying on our instincts. Our feet are how we walk through the world. By sleeping at my feet (which is not something she does with others), it feels like she’s encouraging me to rely more on my creativity and instincts in how I move through my waking life.
    Feels like spending time with her, really paying attention rather than just having her around, would be beneficial and open up a line of communication between the two of you.

  • Crystal:

    Hi Nancy,

    Last night I had to put my best friend down. About 3 weeks ago I found out he was in the late stages of renal failure. When I have been struggling with feelings of guilt since his diagnosis. I used to work in the Veterinary field, why didn’t I see the signs? Why didn’t I take him in sooner? Why did I just pass his his new behavior off as something less than what it was? If I would’ve known sooner I could’ve helped him sooner & maybe he wouldn’t have felt so crappy for so long. Once I found out that it was CRF I struggled with wondering if I’m making the right decision by keeping him around a lil longer. I used to be very hard on myself & over the years I have learned there is no use for that but I am having a very hard time shaking these thoughts. Last night after getting home crying my eyes out I had a dream that he was back. At first he was running around with his tail up then after he was sick all over again & couldn’t stand up & seemed to be like his worst was before he crossed over. By reading some of what was written here I think he is telling me to let go of all of these negative thoughts. At least that’s what I hope…

  • Hello Crystal,
    I’m sorry about your loss of your animal friend. With your experience in the veterinary field, I understand how you could feel you should have recognized the signs. When we live with them every day, it’s natural to see little changes as the progress of life rather than symptoms of disease. And maybe you didn’t because he didn’t want you to. Consider that within every dog is a wolf, and within every cat is a lion or tiger. In the wild, showing signs of weakness makes them prey, and they will go to great lengths to hide it.
    In this dream, if it were my dream, I’d feel that in the first part where he’s running around with his tail up he’s showing me that he’s okay now. In the second part where he gets sick again, it feels like he’s reflecting my own feelings back to me, like a warning.
    I hope you can be gentle with yourself, treat yourself kindly. We people are really good at being hard on ourselves, second-guessing and blaming ourselves. Grieve your friend, talk to him and tell him what you feel, ask his forgiveness if you feel you need to. It’s easy to focus so much on the last days that we discount all the good times that went before. What do you feel he would like you to feel and remember about him?

  • Hi!
    I lost my most beautiful border collie husky mix on April 22, 2017. I was away in Texas. My youngest son found him and he went and got his older brother – they were devastated. My dog died of mysterious causes!!! He was my right hand – he was so tuned in to my and my boys emotions. He knew when we were sick, he knew when we were sad or happy. He loved us unconditionally and he brought us unimaginable joy. I talk to him every single day – his presence is greatly missed.
    Last night – he came to me in my dreams This has not happened since he passed. I was caught off guard, I knew he wasn’t alive anymore and I knew it was him – it was the most vivid dream I’ve ever had. I was so happy. But I was also worried. I told him if he was coming to take me with him – I didn’t want to go yet. My kids need me. I’m not sure if that’s what he wanted or if he was giving me a sign that it’s ok to get another companion. My kids and I have been looking – but it’s been hard. He can never be replaced.
    Thank You

  • Hello Cynthia,
    I’m so sorry about your family’s loss of your dog. It’s always hard, and especially so when it’s sudden and unexpected. It sounds like you were very close, and I’m glad you talk to him.
    If this were my dream, my dog’s sudden death may have contributed to my fear response to his dream visit. When we’re confronted with mortality it shakes our foundation; that is a good opportunity to make sure everything is in order should the unimaginable happen.
    Since he appeared by himself, I would feel it was more of a visit to let me know he’s okay. He did not come with another dog in his company, so I would not take it as telling me to get another dog.
    The timing of getting another dog is fluid. Sometimes getting a new dog too soon isn’t the answer. The new dog is not a replacement, it’s a new member of the household with its own personality, needs and quirks. It’s a new relationship. If you all feel in your hearts it’s time, you could ask for your dog’s guidance when you talk with him, perhaps in another dream, to find the right next dog. Opening hearts to loving a new dog can help in healing.

  • Ella:

    Nacy please help me out. Our dogs is missing for 2 weeks now.I left my dogs in my mom house beause of work but sadly my parents didnt notice that my dogs was on the street and my dogs was captured in the dog shelter. My parents told me that they can get my dog back after a few days. Days past and the people at the dog shelter told us that our dog is escaped from the shelter. They search for my dogs even my parents but unfortunately no sign of my dog has found.
    Last night i had a dream that my dog was came house and they were happy because he go home and he was clean and healthy. Please i want to know if we can still find our missing dog. It was 3weeks already the last time I saw him. Thank you so much I will appreciate your help.

  • Hello Ella,
    I’m so sorry about your dog being lost. I usually answer comments/questions in the order received, but given that time is of the essence in finding lost animals, I hope you’re doing all the things needed to locate him. I have a list of things to do on the Resources page of my website. I hope your dog was microchipped. I also suggest you Google map dowsing for lost dogs. There are some talented map dowsers out there who have a pretty good success rate at helping locate missing animals.

    As to your dream, I don’t get a clear sense of whether your dog is alive or in spirit, but whichever it is, he’s showing you that he loves you and wants to be with you.

    Please keep looking and keep faith that he’s okay. It can take awhile for him to find his way back home. Good luck.

  • Michelle:

    Hi there,

    I’m really disturbed about a dream I just had. When I was 16, my family made a decision to put down my beloved dog, Buffy. I remember I wanted to hug him before my dad took him to the vet, but my mom wouldn’t let me. Anyway, that’s not what has me so upset. I’m now 42, I’ve had many pets since Buffy, but I am still in tears. It took me a Minut to see who he was in my dream, but when I did, I was holding him in my arms. I remember that my mom took him to the vet, in my dream death was imminent.i remember crying, and carrying him around, he would always be laying on his side, weak, but always wagging g his tail. He never died in my dream. Here’s the weird part. My MIL called to tell me their family pet, Buffy, had some problems. The family needs to decide how to proceed and how far they’re willing to go with her not sure if this triggered anything, but I’m still so upset.

  • Hello Michelle,
    I’m sorry about your Buffy, and that you weren’t able to hug him before he died. It feels to me that the return of that memory, and the question around your in-laws’ pet of the same name, did work together to bring your dream.
    If this were my dream, I’d feel that my Buffy came to give me that chance to hold him, and in my dream, he’s sick but still lives.
    It feels like the situation with your in-laws’ pet and your returned memory have brought a chance to have some resolution around your Buffy’s death. I feel you have a wound that’s never healed. You might want to try writing him a letter, or finding some quiet time to just talk with Buffy, and tell him how much you love him and that you’re sorry you couldn’t hug him then. Tell him goodbye as you would have liked to then, and let the tears flow. Keep breathing, and treat yourself kindly.
    I am glad that your in-laws are talking about their Buffy’s care and decision-making. Our pets are part of our family, and everyone needs to be able to say goodbye in their own way.

  • I dreamt of my deceased dog Hachi he died 2 days ago.. he appeared in my dream filled with mud while he was waiting for me to go near him. As i was getting closer, hwe walked together into my house and lay into his favorite spot while I was caressing him. I want to understand what this means.

  • Hello Jerena,
    I’m sorry about the death of Hachi. This is a very sweet dream.
    If this were my dream, it feels that the dream reflects Hachi’s transition period, as the spirit leaves the body and crosses to the other side. In some faith traditions it takes several days for that transition to be accomplished. The mud is significant. Mud symbolizes creation in many religions. Mud is the blending of earth (grounding) and water (which represents emotion). If it were my dream, I feel like Hachi wanted to have that closeness in his favorite place, and to remind me of our connection, before he completed his transition from this life to what comes next.
    A sweet dream. And please do take time to tell Hachi how you feel, and treat yourself kindly while you grieve his loss.

  • Annet:

    Hi Nancy,
    I had a horrible nightmare. I married a white man who have two cute cats I started staying with him since April this year, I have tried my best to make my self useful to his cats but first and foremost I fear them, I really really fear cats and dogs when they try to come to me I also stretch my hand closer to hold them while shivering just to please my husband. I feed them , clean their litter boxes and also make sure they are safe in house. However I have a big challenge that whenever my husband is gone to work, they both hide and everyone seems to fear me and scared I have bean reading all articles on how to be around cats and I have really tried to be nice . They sometimes make and my husband have a big fight just because I love him so much I give up and apologize for my behaviors. They came at the middle of the night and scratch my face and I end up sleeping on the couch which is okay with me. Whenever my husband and me are watching a movie they are so sweet and nice to me but the moment he’s asleep or not away one of the cat treats me so mean sometimes I think they are humans.
    The Dream
    Last night for the first time I had a dream about one of the cat talking to me telling me mean things with too much hate that I’m not the first to be married to him that I will end up going back to my home country with heartbroken and when I told my husband about it still in dream he was so furious and said he is done with me . He said he wants me to leave because he’s tired of me for not making his cat like me still in dream. I told him I swear the cat were talking he couldn’t believe me and said I was going crazy talking mean things to his cats, the cat came and told me “you see I told you , he pretends to love u but he only want to use you. You better run now before things trough for you his not the right man ” still in dream he called a lot of people and told them he was done with me and he was telling me to leave. I woke up crying real tears he woke me up but he even didn’t bother to ask why I was crying. In few minutes the cats were at the door crying to go and feed them I went on and did my daily work but now I’m completely more scared of them . I need help

  • Hello Annet,
    I have sat with your message and dream for quite a while. I’m sorry things are so difficult for you now. And yes, I feel you do need help. It is not unusual for a person who was raised in a household with no cats or dogs, for that person to fear them. It can be unsettling to suddenly be in a home that already has animals when you’re not accustomed to living with them. In this situation, the cats were bonded to your husband and consider him to be their property. They may see you as an intruder.
    The other piece is that the cats know you fear them, and they reflect that back at you. Just as a dog will sometimes attack another dog that acts vulnerable, in order to show its superiority. It may well be that the cats see your trying to be nice as a weakness. Setting appropriate boundaries and using clear ways to discourage their bad behavior may earn their respect. The books and magazines about cats that you mentioned may have some suggestions.
    The dream you sent has many layers of meaning. If it were my dream, on one level I feel the cat may well have come into my dream to bring me a message.
    On another level, you also relate that there is some tension and disagreement with your husband. If this were my dream, it also feels that the dream is showing me my greatest fears.
    What I feel most strongly in your message and dream is fear and insecurity. I hope that you have talked about it all with your husband. You need his support in this. If it is at all possible, I recommend that you contact a therapist to talk about this situation. There is a lot here, with the cats, with adjusting to marriage and how couples communicate with each other, and with life in a new country and culture. It feels to me that you need more support than I can provide here. I hope you are able to find a path that brings you some peace.

  • Alex:

    I lost my German Shepherd about 6 years ago now, but last night I had a dream that we were running through the paddocks together and I gave her a big hug.
    Just curious to know what this means.



  • Hello Alex,
    What a lovely dream. A couple of possibilities here. First, of course, a dream visit from your dog, checking in and reminding you of good times together.
    You don’t mention if this is an isolated dream or if there have been others in the intervening six years. If not, I wonder if something – a related memory, a place, any sensory input (sight, smell, hearing, touch), finding an item or person from that time, or a situation – brought her to your dream.
    Our loved animals visit our dreams to say hello, and to remind us of the freedom, exuberance and love of running free through that open field. Whether in the day to day we’ve forgotten that open spontaneous way of relating and need a reminder, or have recovered it and are receiving acknowledgment, it’s good to be reminded.
    If this were my dream, I’d regard it as a gift.

  • Sheena:

    We recently had to put our dog to sleep, he had Lymphoma. We did a 19 week round of chemo but he was out of remission within two weeks of it being complete and continued to decline rapidly. My husband had a dream of him last night. It was a grown Jackson (the dog) carrying a baby Jackson in his mouth over a stream. Do you know what that could mean?

  • Hello Sheena,
    I’m sorry for your loss of your dog, Jackson. Euthanasia is a difficult choice, and takes a lot of courage.
    In this dream it feels important to remember which way Jackson was carrying the baby Jackson over the stream. Rivers in dreams are flowing emotion, and serve as dividing lines (think the River Styx in mythology).
    If he was moving from right to left or left to right, shows the end of one stage of life and the beginning of another. If he was moving away from the dreamer, it feels to me that the Jackson’s spirit guardians have successfully carried his soul across to the other side. We are always babies at the beginning of a new phase or cycle, even the after-death phase.
    If he was moving toward the dreamer, it feels to me that Jackson is giving his blessing to bringing a new dog into my home.
    Only the dreamer can answer the question of which direction Jackson was moving. In any case, if it were my dream I’d feel Jackson was letting me know he’s okay and made the transition to the other side successfully.

  • Edi:

    Hi Reverend,
    I am not a spiritual person, but here goes.

    I miss my deceased cat, Stanly, very much. He died a few months shy of 16 years old; I had him since I was six, and he comforted me through bouts of severe depression and OCD for my entire life. At many points in my life, he was more important to me than anything, and my affection for him was so great that his presence helped me to resist suicide.
    Two weeks after he died (May 23rd, 2017) I left to study abroad. Two days after I returned home (mid June), I adopted two new kittens to help me cope with the loss. They’re lovely, but I still miss Stanly all the time.
    He was sickly his whole life, but my mother and I were able to nurse him back to health from his ataxic episodes– first at age one, then again when he was eight– after which point he seemed happier and healthier than ever. In his autumn years, he was at his most loving and friendly. His final episode was the February before he died. I threw myself into caring for him and keeping him alive and happy for as long as I could. He fought for four months before it became clear that he had given up. His body was shutting down. There was nothing any of us could do, and he didn’t see to want to live anymore, so we had him euthanized a few days later. In his last day, he stopped purring; that’s how I knew it was really time. He was born in my house, right in front of me, and he died in my arms. Before his death, I barely recalled life without him.
    Since his death, I’ve been having a recurring dream. The settings and surrounding events vary (I can’t recall much about any of them, just that they were all different), but the main thrust of it is that, after spending three months (it’s always three months, not sure why) playing with and caring for the new kittens, it dawns on me that Stanly is still sick and dying. I am instantly filled with remorse and relief that I am able to see him again, and I go to him, ready to care for him in his final days all over again, wracked with guilt for leaving him alone and regretful that I missed so much precious time with him. Sometimes, I note that his condition is actually rapidly improving– that, in my dream, he will survive his fatal attack. I am relieved but still saddened to note that he will still die someday, probably soon, given his advanced age and condition.
    I can tell that part of my dream stems from guilt. I don’t visit his grave every day anymore, and despite Stanly’s death, 2017 has been the most stable and productive year of my life since I was a very young child. I haven’t exactly moved on from his death, but I think I feel guilty for not being absolutely destroyed by the loss. I wish I didn’t expect that from myself.
    Stanly also had a jealous streak in life. He didn’t like it when I paid attention to other cats or brought friends into our shared room. I feel that he would resent me for adopting new kittens if he knew that I had.
    In spite of my emotional progress this year and the fun I’m having with the new kittens, I am still rather consumed by grief on a regular basis, and I think of Stanly often. What do you make of all this?

    Thank you for your time,

  • Hello Edi,
    Thanks for reaching out. I am very sorry about your loss of Stanly. And I’m glad you reached out even if you’re not “spiritual.” Dreams operate on other levels and can but don’t need to relate to religion and spirituality. Sometimes they’re downright practical. They are more about exploration or search within, personal growth, inner wisdom, etc. The significance of Stanly in your life leads me to feel that your relationship with him was deep.
    The dream(s) you relate have the common thread of three months time. The number three is significant. A triangle is the strongest building block. The Greeks considered it to be the perfect number – the union of mind, body and spirit. In addition to the trinity in Christianity and the equivalent structure in Buddhism and other major faith traditions, it also represents past, present, future. The triangle itself is the symbol of the creative force.
    In sitting with what you’ve written, this dream or set of dreams feels to me like a message around an incomplete cycle. You mention not visiting his grave as often as you may feel you should, and feeling that you aren’t grieving him as much as you should. Each person walks the path of grief in their own unique way, and it can be different from one experience of death to the next. Consider also that we start grieving as soon as we learn they’re on the final leg of their journey in life. And consider that you were intensively involved as Stanly’s caretaker as he declined; losing that role can bring relief, guilt, and a different kind of grieving.
    If this were my dream(s), I’d feel Stanly is showing me that I haven’t fully completed with him before bringing the new cats into my life. It’s hard to fully welcome in anything new if that space is still taken up with what was there before.
    My suggestion is for you to do some simple ritual of release. That could be as simple as talking to him and making a list of all the things you are sorry and need forgiveness about in your relationship with Stanly, and thanking him for all the gifts you shared together. It’s okay to be having fun with the new kittens, so long as that isn’t avoidance of your feelings about Stanly.

  • Klara:

    Yesterday, I had a very strange dream. I lost my dog Sky ( a husky/malamut mix) about 5 years ago and I haven’t thought about him for quite some time now. We even got a new dog about a year after we put him down. But when I went to sleep yesterday, I “woke up” in my kitchen and heard barking outside. When I went to see what was going on, I saw Sky jumping at our fence. When I let him in he just ran into my arms and started cuddling, which was strange because he was always grumpy and never wanted to play or cuddle. When I got a good look at him, I saw that he had stitches all over his body, like in the movie Frankenweenie, with one very clear stitch running across his face. Right after that, a few neighbours walked by and said things like “you need to let him go”, “he reeks of rotten meat” and “he’s suffering”. When they left Sky looks up to me, his head in my arms and smiles. And then I wake up.
    I am very confused by this dream and I would appreciate it so much if you could help me.

  • Hello Klara,
    First, I’m sorry about your loss of Sky. Even when it’s been awhile and we have a new dog in our lives, the first one is still part of us. There are several elements in this dream that lead me to ask questions, and only you as the dreamer knows what fits best.
    If this were my dream, the kitchen is where we nurture ourselves, it’s like the heart of the home. To “wake up” in the kitchen feels to me like part of me has awaken to the need to nurture myself. My dog is barking – a clear call for my attention. He’s not only outside my house, he’s outside the fence – two barriers, and I let him in. He cuddles, which he didn’t do before – is it for him or for me? He’s stitched up, as if put back together to come visit me. When others start making negative comments and telling me what to do, he just smiles at me. I wake up then, so it feels like somewhere inside I got the message.
    First, even though you haven’t thought about Sky for quite some time, did you ever really thank him for his time in your life and tell him goodbye? This might be the time to do that, to talk with him and make peace with his death rather than sweeping it under the proverbial rug.
    The other question I have for you is what is going on in your life now? What brings Sky and his reassurance into your dreamtime? What was present in your life when Sky was part of it that is not present now? Are you getting negative messages from those around you? I feel the hint to nurture self is important. Give it some thought, and see where it takes you.

  • Andrea:

    I’m trying to understand a dream I had where I was sitting outside of a place (a school I think) and waiting to go inside. Just as someone came out to insicate we could go in, my dog took off running away from me and the place at a very fast speed. In real life she is approaching 15 and could not run this fast but in the dream she was like a leopard. I jumped up and started running after her because I was terrified she would run into traffic and get hit. I kept chasing her and calling to her but she didn’t listen to me (in real life she always does)-it seemed like she was on a mission and deaf to the outside world.. I wasn’t able to catch up -I couldn’t run very fast for some reason with my legs so I started “walking” on my hands at different points (handstand style) to keep up with her. Finally somehow we safely got past the big streets and made it to the little residential streets outside my parent’s home (my childhood home) and I felt relief that we were out of danger of the cars and getting hit. I think I was able to catch-up to her at this point but I don’t really remember, I just knew that we were safe. I can’t quite put my finger on the message in this dream and would appreciate your insight.

  • Hello Andrea,
    I’m glad your dog is still with you – this is a good time for you to really treasure her presence.
    In your dream you mention that your dog was very fast, like a leopard. All the big cats are powerful, strong, and have the will to survive. In particular, a leopard’s spots suggest watchfulness or the need for it. Whether you meant the speed or the spots, the association is there.
    If this were my dream, I would think that my dog, representing the unleashed part of myself, is leading me away from the school, back to the place where I felt safe, where I was a child, and I’m willing to move in an unconventional way through dangerous situations to get there. I would want to really think about what the school setting represents, and how does it fit with the child I was? Am I really afraid of what this school represents and wanting to run back to when life was simple? Or does the school represent a job or course of action that is not in alignment with the best interests of my essential self? Only the dreamer can tell.

  • Alexis:

    I recently put my dog, Mika down from old age. She made it to 16 in a half. I had a dream about her last night and she was in my room happy as can be letting me hug her. Which she wouldn’t let me do for the past few months. For a moment I was feeling awful about putting her down, having doubts that she wasn’t ready, but after this dream, I know that she was. It’s just bitter sweet. I’m so happy she came to see me to let me know she is happy and having a wonderful afterlife in doggy heaven. My sister had a dream about her too last night, as a ghost dog that only she could see. She said she was a happy ghost dog.

    After my sister told me about her dream I googled “can pets visit you in dreams?” Then I came across your site. Reading all these stories made me know that Mika’s visit was real. As I’m sitting here crying like a baby. Thank you to everyone who shared their experiences and thank you Nancy, for having this blog for us to share our stories. The loss of a Pet is extremely tough.

  • Hello Alexis,
    I’m sorry for your loss of your dog, Mika. It’s hard to make the euthanasia decision, for we rarely know for sure if it’s too soon or we’ve waited too long, or if it really is the right time. It takes a lot of love and courage to make that choice, just as it does if the decision is to let them go naturally. Bottom line is that we try to do what’s best for our loved animals.
    And yes it is extremely tough to lose a pet we love. There’s a big hole in our heart, in our home, and in our day to day life. I hope you are able to hold the love and memories of Mika in that place. And take care of yourself in the process. Tears are very healing.
    Thank you for sharing your dream, and your sister’s. If this were my dream, I also would feel it was my dog visiting to let me know she is okay. A very sweet dream.

  • Lynn:

    I have a recurring dream of my Lab I had as a kid. I got her in 2nd grade in ‘82 and she passed after I was married when I was 21. She had a good long life. She had heart worms in 84 But was treated for them and did fine. Then in ‘86 she started with a tumor on her side which the Dr said old age would get her before the tumor did. She died a little over 16 years old.
    In my dream she comes back and still has the tumor but plays like she always did without it bothering her. I tell her I thought she was dead and I’m so sorry for not petting her in over 20 years and she “tells” me telepAthically that it’s okay she’s been having fun and just stop by to play with me.
    Any ideas here?

  • Hello Lynn,
    Thanks for sharing your dream. It feels to me like you got the first message. Yes, our animals can talk to us in our dreams, and it doesn’t matter how long they’ve been gone. They can pop back in to visit.
    If this were my dream, I’d feel it was a very nice visit from my loved dog and remembrance of time with her. It’s very sweet. Since it’s a recurring dream, it also feels like there’s another part of the message that I’m not getting.
    It also makes me wonder, why now? Is something incomplete? Have I really allowed myself to grieve her, and thanked her for her time in my life?
    And what is going on in my life now that she would pop in? She still has the tumor, but it doesn’t stop her from playing. Is there something that I need to accept even though it’s not ideal? Is there something about my day to day life (or medical condition) that is getting me down and I need to be reminded that I’m loved and to play?
    It’s a question (or questions) to sit with and see what comes up. Only the dreamer knows for sure.

  • sarah:

    My name is Sarah. About a month ago my cat (Foxy) went missing. I stayed positive in hopes that he would come back home. About a week ago I had a short dream about him. All I saw was him in my arms and me petting and kissing him. I was hoping that you could tell me what my dream means. Was he just saying that he was ok but not coming home? Thanks for your help. I’m heart broken.

  • Hello Sarah,
    I’m very sorry about your cat Foxy going missing. It is hard to lose a loved animal, and more so when we don’t really know what happened. I hope you have posted pictures of him around, and contacted shelters and neighbors about him being missing. There’s a list of things to do on the Resources page of my website.
    If this were my dream, it clearly feels like a visit from Foxy, but I still have questions about what it means. It could mean he’s alive somewhere and wants to come home (thus to keep looking for him); it could mean he’s alive and not coming home, but wanted me to know he’s okay; it could mean he’s no longer alive and wanted me to know he’s in spirit and okay.
    Only you as the dreamer knows which feels most true. You might want to sit with the image in the dream, the memory of it, and see if there is something deeper about it. Were there any other images in the dream that might give a clue, such as his condition? Or you might set an intention as you go to sleep, to dream about Foxy and gather more information. The bottom line though is that in the dream he seemed to be okay and he loves you. I hope that brings you some comfort.

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