Tips for a Healthy Happy Halloween for your Pet

HomeAgain, the microchipping and pet recovery service, published safe Halloween tips for your pet in their October newsletter. The link is included here:

I would add a #11 – Occasionally trick-or-treaters come to our door accompanied by their dog. I keep a few dog treats on hand to give to the dog’s person (not directly to the dog), and also to give our dog to reward good behavior toward the visitors.

And a #12 – Remember that children can get overstimulated and over-sugared, which adds to a household animal’s stress. Please keep a watchful eye on all family members.

Repeating #5 – Please protect your black cat by keeping him indoors.

Have a safe and happy Halloween!

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  • Amy:

    Thanks for this reminder, Nancy. We have a black cat and never let him out on Halloween. I love my Angus (!) and I would hate to see something happen to him just because he’s a black cat.


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