Rev. Nancy's Blog

Hush and Waiting

“What’s going on?” I’ve heard that question often lately, from others as well as myself. In my “observer” mode, I notice a new clarity to the shape and hue of leaves, the feel of air, the way sunlight slants through clouds to spotlight something. I notice silence – not the profound, dead silence of no sound, but more of a hush. Quietness. I’m surprised to hear the sound of my own footsteps on the walkway.

Where are the birds? They seem hushed, as well. I see movement, flutters among tree branches. I hear the rattle of scrub jays taking dry food from the dog’s bowl. Occasionally, evensong breaks the stillness. Turkeys parade, but they too are largely quiet.

There’s a sense of waiting. After the clearing of old and welcoming of new energies last month, it seemed as if the ship were ready to sail. Yet it lingers, as if waiting for the tide to change.

The waiting is a pause. The pause we know but don’t pay attention to – like when a tossed ball hovers at the top of its arc; momentum has slowed but gravity has not yet taken over.

“Something” is coming, approaching slowly in its own time, to fill the space we’ve created. What? I can’t answer, for myself or anyone else. The feeling resists words, for words solidify that which wants to remain in motion.

Motion is the key. Transition. For months, Crow has said, “Change is coming.” Now is the time. Change is all around us. Some subtle shifts, some stronger realignments. Stretch your roots deep to remain grounded while the earth adjusts to this new time. In some ways it feels like being attached to a bungee cord, or walking on Jell-O.

“Something” is coming. It may be different for each of us. A good way to greet it is to ask the question, “I wonder …” and be open to the answer. It will come in its own time and way.

“What now?” I ask Big Tree. Her wisdom is simple: “Just be with it.”

For me, that means continue to clear and release, tidy up loose ends, and enjoy this cocooning time of wonder. Things will speed up again soon enough.