Rev. Nancy's Blog

The Spider's Web

Garden orb spiders have been busy around our house, netting bushes, trees, house and mailbox with silver. Morning dew glistens as the sun reflects from a thousand tiny points of light. The spiders are stitching the world together. A couple of spiders offered to share their thoughts. I was struck by how similar their messages were.

The first, a garden orb spider hanging in a web dancing between two trees up at our park, spoke in short, straightforward thoughts. “We are weavers,” the spider said, “constantly creating. All life forms are in a constant state of creation, creating each moment, each day.”

It knew I had been thinking about labyrinths and added, “Think not of the labyrinth walk as a straight line or an unending path, but as a web you weave throughout your life. The more sturdy the web, the more it will catch.” Spider reminds us the key principles are “Creativity, weaving life’s path, and patience. Enduring patience.”

The second spider, who called itself "Weaver," was more talkative and had a lighthearted sense of humor. I had been thinking of the orb spider’s message, and felt it very wise. “Oh yes,” Weaver said. “We spiders are very wise [I sensed a chuckle]. You must remember we too are on a path of growth and development.

“First off,” Weaver continued, “I think people give up too easily. You just need to keep trying, that’s all. When we build a web, and it gets torn down, we just build another one. It’s no big deal. And setting an anchor cord is no easy thing, we assure you. We cast lots of them, and one finally sticks. If we gave up after the first two or three, we’d never get a web built.

“The other thing is patience. Waiting until something good to eat gets caught in the web.

“The web is not all that different from your labyrinth, as the orb spider said. It is a way of life. You call this ‘practice.’ Do it until you get it right, and then keep on doing it. As we weave our webs, so you weave each day of your life."

Weaver apparently felt I needed a simpler version and added, “A better way to explain it is, a spider web is a net stretched over a space. When something jiggles one part, all the parts feel it. For people, it is more an energy connection. You are connected to everything around you by thin threads of energy. When you take an action, it jiggles your web and others feel it, although they may not be aware of it. When someone else jiggles their web, you feel it on some level. All life is connected by these intersecting points of the Great Web.

“Does that make any sense?” Weaver wanted to make sure I was getting it.

Weaver continued, “Tell people to be in balance. When you move in balance there is less jiggling of the web. Just as you can stomp your feet or step lightly. Do what you do with consciousness and intention. Not on automatic.

“You weave your world and your day with each thought, each action. It is an energy web. In that way people are like spiders. Make conscious choices. Spiders don’t waste energy. Be aware of the web you are weaving, be it one of light or fear, open to the air or cluttered with useless things that can trip you. Too much weight hanging off your web will keep you from feeling the vibrations that connect you with All That Is.”

Weaver and the orb spider had given me much to think about. I thanked them. I thought about how much of the stuff hanging off my own web I could release. And about stepping lightly rather than stomping across the energy threads I weave.