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Chosen by an Animal

Swirls of energy bring animals and people together. It can be over long periods or brief nudges. The animals know why this happens. Sometimes the people come to understand, as well.

People have what Caroline Myss calls ‘contracts’ for spiritual growth during our lifetime. Animals also have such agreements. We come together to help each other have the experiences we need for growth.

This happened to me when a large tri-colored Akita came up out of the canyon behind our house. The look in her brown eyes both broke and captured my heart. She was patient with our reluctance to accept that this magnificent dog had chosen to live with us; our attempts to find her owners and trips to meet people who might give her a home; and visits to the vet to cure a smelly skin condition. In the first few months she went on walkabouts, to see if we would miss her and, I feel, to revisit her old home. Was she still wanted there? She came back, and began a 10-year training of us both. This was not ownership, but partnership between people and dog. She grounded and focused my husband during a difficult period of unemployment and short-term positions. She opened my heart and taught me how animals communicate. She took us for walks where we met a community of outdoor enthusiasts and dog lovers. Our hearts and lives will never be the same because of this wolf/bear shaman spirit squeezed into a dog body.

Changing residences can make connections that help both ways. A black and white dog I’ll call Dakota came into June’s life when she moved into an apartment close to the dog’s family. The two developed a mutual support relationship. Dakota sought sanctuary with June when her other home filled with “discordant energies.” Dakota listened to and “watched out for” June as her life moved forward. When June moved, dog and woman parted, yet are still connected. Dakota said, “I’m OK, I miss June. I have my work here, though, working my magic. I’m helping many people.” June says she sometimes senses Dakota’s presence around her new home, visiting to say hello. Two souls, once joined, are not parted by distance.

Tallie, a tortoiseshell cat, has adopted Lucy, the new tenant near Tallie’s person. Tallie says she and her person have been together a long time – “he is nice and cares for me.” Lucy, though, “has a need that I can fill. A yearning in her soul. She opens her heart to me. For her, I am not just a cat, I am a Being. We are both Beings on a path of learning and self discovery. She and I have something to do together. It is a mutual support process.” I asked Tallie for clarification. She said, “It is a matter of internal growth, of deepening into our Selves, of having a companion on the way. It must unfold in its own time…. When our frequencies are in harmony, greater magic happens. It is thus for the world as well.”

Crossing paths and connecting with an animal, being to being, can happen in moments, days, or over years. Buki Akita told me, “We can meet needs on many levels. Sometimes we change families, as I did when I came to you. Sometimes one comes into our path who we have agreed to help. We are able to do great work with and for many people, besides the ones we live with.”

The animals know we are all connected, all in this world together. They are willing to help us, matching gifts and needs. It is not an accident. We humans just need to be open to the giving and receiving, and be attuned to the possibilities.

Have you had such an experience, or been adopted by an animal?