Rev. Nancy's Blog


Lately I find myself really Noticing things, appreciating how much beauty there is around us - whether or not we pause to appreciate it. 

Our rose bush blooms, whether or not we notice it. That is what roses do, and they do it independent of any feedback or interaction with us. I appreciate the complete alignment of that rose bush with its own purpose.

Watching the sun set into the evening fog bank, fingers of light radiating out between clouds, the visual demonstration of movement - whether it's Earth turning or Sun seeming to move - inspires awe. If we stand really still, can we feel the earth move? Buckminster Fuller, architect of the geodesic dome, said if one stands facing north or south, eyes closed and arms outstretched, you can learn to feel the earth's movement.

Walking in our neighborhood park after my Celtic journey to England, Scotland and Ireland - where water was a living presence - I marvel that such dry soil as we have here can still grow grass. My boots have finally dried, but little bits of Scottish bog and heather, and Irish moss, still cling to them and to my soul.

Walking provides opportunities to contemplate the intricate pattern on a feather that waited for me to find it. Each little strand is a variation from light to dark and back again, yet only when viewed as a whole does the pattern emerge.

How like a life that is - a day at a time we build something that when viewed as a whole can be a thing of beauty.

Question: What have you really Noticed lately about the natural world we live with?