Rev. Nancy's Blog

Messages from Trees and Plants

Walking in a light morning rain, I paused under a big, old eucalyptus tree. It asked me to relay a message: 

"We [trees] are doing all we can to cleanse the air, but we cannot keep up. We are becoming stressed, and many of us are being cut down. For the sake of the trees and all the life forms we sustain, for your own sakes, and for the planet, please help us. Take this message to the world." 

And so it is. 

Then I talked with a little purple flower. It was happy to be recognized. It said, "We live our cycles, our seasons, then we end and come again. That is our way. Your way is different - you are human. For humans, the seeking is the journey." 

How well the rest of nature understands us - better than we understand ourselves. 

I am in awe of the lessons around us. In spring, trees start to leaf or bud. I know the kernel of that leaf or flower was within the twig of a branch all during the dormant winter, just waiting for the right time to emerge. 

How like being in the Void this is, sitting in the West (contemplation) and North (Wisdom) of the Medicine Wheel, and then being pushed out of that womb as the wheel turns to the East and the spring sun rises on new beginnings.   

The wheel turns whether we're ready for it or not. Do we ever feel truly ready?  I think not.

Question: How do trees and plants speak to you?